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Please note Falcon Collection & Investigations Inc. does not collect on and would not accept any funds on behalf of any client that has not previously signed a Collection Contract Agreement with us. It has come to our attention Online scammers are representing themselves as Falcon Collection & Investigations Inc. Falcon has never and will never contact any person or corporation and inform them we have received funds on their behalf without the person or corporation having prior discussion with Falcon. We only initiate collection action on accounts that our clients have previously submitted to Falcon with instruction to commence collection action on the account. Falcon has never and will never request any kind payment upfront in order to release any sum of money collected on our clients behalf. When Falcon collects funds on behalf of our clients we deduct our agreed upon portion off the amount we have collected and we remit the balance to our clients. If you require additional information please contact Falcon by telephone at 306 352 0775.

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Falcon is pleased to announce we are now offering online banking and Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) Direct Deposit.


Falcon reports all files placed for collection action to Equifax and TransUnion, which are national Credit bureaus.

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